Signal enhancing solutions
designed for the modern world.

One antenna to rule them all.

WavCatcher creates signal enhancing solutions.

Our team is comprised of squaring the circle innovators with military, aerospace and enterprise experience that span over 40 years (including work on the Patriot Missile system).

An improved signal often yields faster data throughput and power savings while simultaneously reduces and minimizes degradation.

Causes of degradation include poor environmental conditions, physical obstructions (i.e. buildings or terrain), inferior equipment, other broadcasting signals, and multipath propagation.

5G and IoT applications rely on data distribution and harvesting, therefore improved signaling is necessary insurance for reliability of wireless data transmission and reception.

Our Vision

In this era of technological convergence, our signal enhancing technology and offerings are applicable in just about every wireless sector. Ultimately, it is our vision that WavCatcher embedded solutions are recognized as the premier technology for improved signaling and a better mobile experience.


Originally, WavCatcher designed and developed unique conformal antennas while meeting our clients' price and performance requirements. However, the evolution towards a perpetual mobile lifestyle required us to expand. Our team now includes expert developers and specialists who cover the gamut of mobile and IoT product development.

Yet at our core, we remain antenna engineers whose focus is to improve the mobile experience. This is why it is not unusual for us to create new antenna technology to resolve square meet circle issues.

For example, our Broadband Notch Antennas patent is a printed circuit solution which can be integrated into a device or developed as a plug and play component. It offers best-in-class pattern and gain, over 400% frequency bandwidth, and is inherently frequency diverse.

In addition, it has been successfully utilized as a polarization diverse solution for both wireless device and infrastructure. Most importantly, it offers multiple ports without sacrificing energy loss. To summarize, WavCatcher's revolutionary antenna technology is ideal for conformal, integrated or limited space solutions as it does not necessitate expensive meta materials, software or additional antennas to address common problematic antenna issues.

Unlike "time-dependent" solutions, which means that frequencies of interest are tunable in real time and thus not available at the same time, our core antenna technology is "independent of time," which means that we can provide all frequencies of interest at the same time.

For more information about our company technology, please reference the download file below.